Michelle D. Bizek, CPC, MEd, EdD
Consultant, Coach, Visionary,
Explainer, Facilitator

With an aggregate of more than 30 years experience in coaching, learning and development, and practical adaptability combined, I offer a comprehensive set of solutions for your challenges.

It all started back in 2005. I was a coach with 226 hours of specialized training, and I was helping people work through their challenges, set goals, design action plans, and achieve results. Over the next 15 years, as I lived in various cultures and sub-cultures and coached and worked with people in diverse domains, I noticed something. Not everyone achieved the results they said they wanted. And I wondered, why? Why were some people more successful at change?

I wanted to be a better coach, a better educator, and help more people with change.

In my quest, I added two years of targeting learning and found some answers I was seeking. I continued building my toolkit along the way. People were coming to me for help, and I continued coaching and creating resources for learning, finding great fulfillment each time a client’s life was changed for the better when they would have their pivotal ‘aha’ moment. Simultaneously, I saw people struggle to deal with change and challenges, have difficulty finding their voice, or flounder through unexpected and challenging experiences.

I wanted to be even more equipped to support individuals, teams, and organizations through change.

People kept coming to me for help, so I started looking for more answers. This time I added four years of targeting learning and found many more answers to my questions about why some people are more successful than others when faced with disruption or change. And, I added to my toolkit. Importantly, my research into personal adaptive capacity across 26 countries positioned me to help the world now, in the most disruptive period in our lives. 

The ability to adapt to change and disruption will be one of the top determinants of individual and team success in the coming decade.

Suddenly, years of hard work and the diverse streams of my journey have converged into a rushing river of resources to build and transform. My years as a coach and learning and development specialist, the development of my spiritual gifts, my research into adaptive capacity, and other education and equipping have prepared me to bring foresight, courage, clarity, and confidence to others.

This convergence is the fulfillment of a poem I wrote to define myself as a consultant back in 2005:

I am a river, wide, deep, smooth, soothing to the eyes and calming to the soul. I am clear, cool depths and currents with clean, moist, clarifying air rising. I am a tranquil presence. I am an accelerating cascade of strength, power, and force. I can be heard for a great distance. I am an orienting presence. I am drawing souls to access strength for living.

I have committed to meet the global need for learning, development, coaching, and adaptation skills that will help people everywhere find stability in a world that seems to be constantly changing. My future-focused work helps others increase accuracy, replace confusion with clarity, reject folly and embrace wisdom, and displace fear with courage as they prepare for and adapt to the future.

With precision, science, and spirit, I help individuals, teams, and organizations discover and strengthen their unique, individual style of thriving in this unprecedented age of change.