Comprehensive support for
strengthening a positive relationship with change.

Strategic Instructional Design

Sometimes you just need more: more information, deeper understanding, planned learning that helps you or your team develop capacity and strategy to adapt, perform at peak, or embrace change.

Michelle is an accomplished instructional designer with a passion for helping others improve their performance and achieve goals. She works with you to co-design and develop the instructional intervention needed for your unique context and challenges.

Whether you need to create new, update or convert existing training, we can help! Do you need facilitated training, eLearning, performance support tools, or some other as yet unseen solution? Together we can design and develop learning and development experiences to meet your needs.

Personalized Coaching

With the insights gained from our conversations and assessments, I help you determine where to focus your efforts for maximum impact for your unique context and challenges.

Personalized coaching, co-designed between you and Michelle, supports your continued growth, development, achievement, insight, planning, and adaptability while riding the waves of continuous change.

AQai Adaptability Assessments

For individuals and teams, the AQai Adaptability Assessment provides you with data to begin to predict, design, and shape your future. The AQ adaptability framework comprises three core dimensions and 15 sub-dimensions that, altogether, explain or predict how, who, when, and why people adapt.

AQ, or adaptability quotient, is a holistic measure of workplace adaptability. The higher your AQ, the more likely you will be able to recover from setbacks, find alternative solutions to challenges, and embrace change. The AQai Adaptability Assessment takes about 20-25 minutes to complete.

When you take the AQai Adaptability Assessment, you’ll receive a 60 to 90-minute debrief session that will give you a solid grounding in the AQ framework and your AQai results. You’ll leave this session with actionable insights that will help move you toward the future you desire.

Custom Learning Solutions

Contact Michelle for custom learning solutions suited to your unique needs.

Speaking Engagements

Contact Michelle to talk about the needs of your group.

“I frequently think of your alligator example.  Sometimes I realize that a plan of mine is thwarted, but then I think, I can get around this alligator!  I’m going to jump from one piece of furniture to another!”

-Comment from an attendee to Michelle’s virtual presentation on Hope


The enormous scope of work that was produced and the level of quality that was achieved is something that not many individuals would have been able to accomplish. Mrs. Bizek, you are a true professional and an enormously talented instructional designer and project manager.

Michael W.

There is no question that the organization is getting the opportunity to experience a truly professional approach to learning design. Thank you, thank you!

Beth M.

I left our meeting today feeling lighter, walking taller, smiling wider.

Judy A.

Michelle has an uncanny and innate ability to listen with discernment and often sees into the heart of an issue. She has a gift for asking questions which help me process issues as I arrive at decisions. 

You have been one of the greatest catalysts in my spiritual growth.

Sande M.

Michelle brings radiance and gentle wisdom to the coaching session.

Rick C.

Michelle coaches with an inviting honesty. There is a radiance involved in the process that naturally brings forth inspired information.

Allison O.

I want to especially tell you how much your coaching sessions influenced me. You helped me to see myself with potential – not falling short of my potential. I was always so energized about living my life after each session. And it wasn’t hype, it was seeing a reality about who I truly am that I don’t see for myself. I know it wasn’t hype, because I still see in that reality. 

“Coaching” is really the right word for what you do. you helped me find my potential and make decisions about what I found that relates to my life today. 

Pam H.