What is AQ?

AQ, or adaptability quotient, is a holistic measure of workplace adaptability. The higher your AQ, the more likely you will be able to recover from setbacks, find alternative solutions to challenges, and embrace change.

The AQ adaptability framework comprises three core dimensions and 15 sub-dimensions. By recognizing how you adapt, why you adapt (or don’t), and when you adapt best you can begin to predict, design, and shape your future and the future of your team or organization.

Embedded in the dynamics of every dimension and sub-dimension of the AQ framework are potential blind spots that can impede your best efforts at change if left unresolved. Gain insights into your AQ, your strengths, and potential challenges to chart your path to success through seasons of change.

Seeing the Invisible

Watch the mini documentary film by 15 time Emmy award-winning director Nick Nanton, Seeing The Invisible: Adaptability and the Future of Work, to learn about the concept behind AQ, your adaptability quotient, and the power this holds to create a positive future.

What is the AQai Adaptability Assessment?

The worlds’ foremost scientific method of assessing, measuring, and increasing adaptation abilities, characteristics, and environmental factors.

Suitable for individuals, teams, and organizations, the AQai assessment is the first step for building confidence in your ability to thrive in uncertainty.

Know the ROI on your investment in preparing yourself, your team, and your organization for the unknown or unexpected.


The potential impact of knowing, growing, and sharpening your AQ is nearly limitless. Check out these examples of how AQ can make a significant difference in your life and the life of your team.

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AQ & Risk Reduction

With change comes challenges. With relentless change comes risk. Some of the dimensions of adaptability, such as grit and resilience, can carry you through even intensely challenging periods. But, when those abilities wear thin, what happens?

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AQ and

Hope carries significant weight and influence on your adaptability. Without hope, there is no adaptation. Why would there be? And, without adaptation, there is loss. Can you measure and influence hope? As it turns out, yes!

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