Risk Reduction

Leveraging AQ for Risk Reduction

With change comes challenges. With relentless change comes risk. Some of the dimensions of adaptability, such as grit and resilience, can carry you through even intensely challenging periods. But, when those abilities wear thin, what happens? Where do you look for additional strength to adapt? How can you help your team find strength and strategy? Without adequate levels of AQ, adaptive quotient, you are at risk of loss, suffering, and even failure in the throes of change. Let’s look at a few scenarios where adequate AQ can reduce risk.

Your world of work has suddenly changed. Perhaps you have taken a new position or moved to an entirely virtual workspace, new technology has emerged, or new leadership has joined your organization or team. Or some other significant change has occurred in your world of work. Each of these scenarios contains the inherent possibility for risk or success. Understanding and leveraging your AQ can move the dial toward success. The AQ framework and insights will show you where you need to strengthen your ability to adapt. You might have tremendous grit, but how well and how quickly do you let go of old practices that no longer work? Snap.

Holding onto what used to work but doesn’t work now introduces risk. Knowing which of your abilities to strengthen for your unique challenge and then working to strengthen those abilities reduces risk. How about your inherent preferences regarding the change? Or how your team embodies their preferences? Research has shown that specific characteristics predispose successful adaptation, and strengthening those characteristics can reduce the risk associated with change. Lastly, your environment has a tremendous impact on your ability to adapt successfully. Are you a team leader, manager, CEO, or an individual struggling with change in your workplace? The AQai Adaptability Assessment will show you where to look for risk and where to focus your attention to mitigate risk.

We all have heard of the value of surrounding ourselves with those who think differently to enhance the idea pool. As it turns out, research has shown that we also need a diversity of preferences in how we respond to change. And, for the individual, you need to know how your responses mitigate or increase risk in your life and work. Your AQ profile will show you how to look at your reactions and preferences to find weak spots that put you at risk. As the saying goes, a well-understood problem is half solved, but how to finish solving the problem? With insights specific to your challenges, you can move the needle toward risk reduction for yourself, your team, or your organization.

A foundational element of effective adaptation is the belief that what you do matters. Without this belief, you are at risk of failing to adapt. Suppose your team doesn’t believe that their contribution matters; they are at risk. And that puts you and the entire organization at risk. The AQai Adaptability Assessment will show you where to look for when someone, or a team, lacks the support needed to confidently contribute to a successful change experience. Or, if you want to believe but feel suppressed or undermined or discouraged, a deeper look at your AQ can show you where to draw strength.