AQ and Hope

Hope carries significant weight and influence on your adaptability. Without hope, there is no adaptation. Why would there be? And, without adaptation, there is loss. Can you measure and influence hope? As it turns out, yes! We can nurture and strengthen hope in the individual and the team. Hope means so much to your AQ. Let’s look at a few examples.

Hope shows you the way forward. Hope always looks forward. When hope is active, possibilities are endless, and when hope is strong, courage grows and flows. But when hope is absent, despair is present, and when despair is present, defeat is near. When disruption enters your world, you need to believe that you will find a way, or make a way, forward. We know that hope comprises three components, all of which are malleable. Your AQ profile will show you how your hope is in the context of your world of work and offer insights into how to understand and bolster hope.

Hope has a way of pressing past obstructive smokescreens, fog, and confusion. With hope, the future is still waiting to be written and lived. Strong hope finds pathways and strategies for your AQ to explore. Hope brings the future into focus and affords you strategies to attain your highest aims, despite the appearance of overwhelming odds. Hope is a cross-domain characteristic. It applies to and is essential for every aspect of life and work. Hope is different from optimism or an unrealistic view of yourself or your world. Hope fuels your AQ. Take the AQai Adaptability Assessment to gain insight into your hope factor.

Hope ushers in freedom. Freedom, by definition, pertains to your power to act, speak, or think per your values and goals. It includes the notion of self-determination and authority to make things happen. Hope is what believes in a future that you have the freedom to co-create and live in. Hope is what fuels your ability to adapt to disruption and change, believing that you can affect your future. Hope calls out that you matter, that your choices and actions make a difference. Hope calls you to rise and engage in designing and shaping your future.